Today at store (Cash payment)

If you want to rent and pickup today, come to our store directly.
Rent your WiFi router TODAY at "U-NEXT Store Tenjin".

Preminum Code of "the TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi"
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Store Location

Rental Steps

Step 1 Order at Store

An identification card is necessary for an application.
*We charge 10,000 yen as a deposit.

Step 2 WiFi Setting

From the WiFi setting, choose the SSID (WiFi model) and enter the password.

Step 3 Return at Store

When you return WiFi unit.
bring it to the U-NEXT Store Tenjin.
*We repay a deposit.

Rental fee

Rental Price = "Rental fee" + "Insurance Service (Optional)"

* All prices are excluded tax. Consumption tax will be added.

Rental Device
SoftBank Pocket WiFi
Payment Cash
Initial fee and process fee 0 yen
Rental fee
1 day 2,000 yen
2 days
3 days
4 days 2,500 yen
5 days 3,000 yen
6 days 3,500 yen
7 days 4,000 yen
8 days 4,500 yen
9 days 5,000 yen
10 days 5,500 yen
11 days 6,000 yen
12 days 6,500 yen
13 days 7,000 yen
14 days 7,500 yen
15 ~ 31 days
8,000 yen
Insurance Service 500 yen
Deposit 10,000 yen

Broken or lost reimbursement:
WiFi Unit 40,000 Yen、AC adapter 2,800 Yen、USB cable 2,000 yen、Battery cover 1,000 yen、SIM 3,000 yen、Battery pack 3,800 yen

Insurance Service (optional)

Insurance service exempts user from the payment in the event that the unit gets stolen, damaged, or lost.

  Insurance Service is not used Insurance Service is used
WiFi Unit 40,000 yen 20,000 yen
  • There is a compensation application review before you get a compensation exemption. Depending on the examination result, you may not get a compensation exemption
  • Anshin Hoshou Service covers only the rental unit. Other accessories are not included ( AC adaptor, USB cable etc.)
  • In case of the lost or stolen unit, you need to get the certificate of theft from the police
  • If you get a compensation exemption, you cannot get compensation exemption for 3months
  • Maximum unit of a compensation exemption is up to 5 units.